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Building your Group Benefits Plan Part Two – Dental

Feb 12, 2018 4:34:00 PM


Did you know that good oral health is a key component of your overall health? Regular cleanings and effective treatment of gum disease can reduce inflammation in the body. Offering dental coverage options to your staff can be a great way to keep them healthy and happy.

Dental benefits are generally split into three categories – basic, major and orthodontic. Basic dental coverage includes oral examinations, cleanings, x-rays and fillings, with check-ups every six or nine months. Many companies offer a co-pay for the cost for these services, up to an annual maximum.

Major dental coverage includes more complex procedures like bridges, crowns and major surgery. A dental plan that includes major dental coverage would typically cover a percentage of these services up to a combined annual maximum with basic coverage.

The third component of dental plans is orthodontics. This is especially important to employees who have children, as the cost of braces can be a considerable expense without any benefits coverage. Like major coverage, plans typically will cover a percentage of the cost of orthodontics. However, most coverage is generally limited to a lifetime maximum per eligible dependent instead of an annual maximum. This means that once the limit is reached, coverage will cease and not become available again. 

When designing your benefits plan, the most important thing to do is find what options work best for you. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. In our next post, we will talk about life insurance plans and all the different options available.

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